Pathological classification of colorectal cancer

Pathological classification of colorectal cancer:

Colorectal cancer is mostly solitary, with multiple occurrences accounting for about 5%. The incidence in the rectum is approximately 65%, in the sigmoid colon about 15%, in the cecum and ascending colon about 10%, in the descending colon and splenic flexure about 5%, and in the transverse colon and hepatic flexure about 5%.

Early-stage colorectal cancer refers to tumors confined to the mucosa or submucosa of the colon, without lymph node metastasis. Macroscopically, it can be classified into three types: polypoid elevated type, flat type, and flat elevated ulcerative type.

Advanced-stage colorectal cancer can be classified into three types:

  • Elevated type.
  • Ulcerative type. Based on tumor growth pattern and ulcer shape, it can be further divided into two subtypes: localized ulcer type and infiltrating ulcer type.
  • Infiltrative type, mostly poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma.

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