How does cancer kill you?

How does cancer kill you-1

Cancer is a common and frequently occurring disease of human beings. If we pay attention to prevention, its incidence can be reduced; If early treatment and reasonable and effective treatment can be taken, its mortality can be reduced.

Cancer is also a malignant tumor. Its malignancy is reflected in the fact that without effective treatment, it can destroy the human body within a few years and make people die in advance. How does cancer destroy the human body? We should start from the characteristics of cancer.

It has many characteristics different from other diseases, including three main points:

Invasiveness of cancer cells

Cancer cells invade adjacent tissues from their original cancer location, and continue to propagate and grow there. The tumor size gradually grows, damaging organs or local physiological functions.

how does cancer kill you?
how does cancer kill you?

Metastatic nature of cancer cells

Cancer cells spread from the primary site to other sites, where they form secondary tumors, also known as metastatic cancer. For example, breast cancer can metastasize to the armpit (axillary) lymph nodes, bone, etc. Make more organs or whole body damaged.

How does cancer kill you-2:

Cancer cells can inhibit the body’s own immune function and reduce the ability of human disease resistance

It makes patients susceptible to other diseases and enables cancer to develop rapidly. For example, gastric cancer grows in the stomach at the beginning, which gradually destroys the stomach. The symptoms of gastric cancer include dull pain, discomfort, fatigue, weight loss in the upper abdomen, or excretion of black stool, abdominal distension, vomiting, and even upper abdominal mass, which affects the digestion, absorption and food passage of patients. Lymph node metastasis of advanced gastric cancer can occur in the abdomen, supraclavicular region, etc., and can also occur in liver, lung, and abdominal cavity. There were ascites and general weakness.

Cancers prone to metastasis include lung cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, osteosarcoma, etc. When cancer is in its late stage, it has spread widely, and the human body is extremely weak and inevitably dies. However, the direct cause of death of patients is mainly complications, so we should pay attention to the treatment of complications while treating cancer, in order to prolong the life of patients.

Invasiveness of cancer cells
Invasiveness of cancer cells

How does cancer kill you-3:

Common direct causes of death for cancer patients are as follows:

Co infection

Due to the low immunity, infectious complications are easy to occur, and the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other non pathogenic bacteria in the body will also take advantage of the fire and aggravate the disease. This infection is often difficult to control, causing high fever, coma and other deaths.

Nutrient depletion causes cachexia

Cancer cells grow rapidly and consume a large amount of nutrients in the human body; The patient was seriously ill and the intake of nutrients was reduced. After a long time, anemia, edema, fatigue, and even extreme hunger malnutrition, that is, the “cachexia” state, eventually died due to multi system failure.

Important organ damage

The invasion of cancer cells and the direct destruction of the normal structure of organs can cause the functional damage of organs and lead to death. The most important organ is the brain, which has the center of breathing and heartbeat. If cancer cells block important pipelines, such as pancreatic cancer and liver cancer, which cause common bile duct blockage, jaundice, liver function and digestive function disorders may occur, and death may also occur.

Important organ damage
Important organ damage


Bleeding in cancer patients can be caused by suppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis and thrombocytopenia, or by direct destruction of blood vessels by cancer cells, or by serious infection, resulting in rupture of blood vessels. Massive blood loss can cause death.

Metabolic abnormalities

It can be caused by metastatic cancer or ectopic secretion. The common ones are hypercalcemia, hypoglycemia, purine and urate metabolism disorders, and even lead to renal failure and death.
Therefore, we advocate early detection and treatment of cancer, and go to experienced hospitals for treatment.

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